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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 00:17:31 EDT
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Dwiggins/ wooden marionettes

   What a nice reponse from Fred...Thank you, thank you.   there is nothing 
quite as satisfying as carving a nice block of Lindenwood or Basswood and 
seeing the results as you carve away the excess wood. Just holding the wood as it 
becomes a head or hand is most gratifying. This process has been a joy to me, 
personally.   While living in Germany for a yearin 1965, compliments of the 
USAF, I carved every last centimeter of a plank of lindenwood approx 38 inches 
wide, 3 inches think and 8 ft length...   today some of my   cabaret puppets are 
still in use from that plank of wood.

   I only wanted to point out that wood for fairly tall marionettes is heavy. 
"Heavy" costs money to travel. Today I am in Albuquerque for a booking 
conference. I return to LA on Sunday morning to perform twice, The next day I fly to 
Warsaw and drive to Brest, Belarus.   Four days later I travel to 
Moscow.....Last week I was in Italy, the week before in Korea...I am tired, but can do 
this because each box or four weighs no more than 50 pounds....Try that with 
fully carved wooden marionettes...>Jim Gamble
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