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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 18:39:40 EDT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet News for 9/8/05

_Whimsical  'Petrushka' uses puppets to enchant_ 
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
Basil Twist's  production of "Petrushka With Puppets," which plays for just 
four more  performances at the Ravinia Festival's intimate Bennett Gordon Hall, 
is a  ... 
_The Puppet Woman  of Petrolia_ 
North Coast Journal -  Arcata,CA,USA
... Then I see in several floor-to-ceiling  windows -- puppets, puppets of 
all shapes and sizes, seeming  somewhat surreal against this background of 
mountains and ...  
_The  kid gloves are off_ 
Boston Globe -  United States
... literally. A gifted ventriloquist and  puppeteer from an early age, she 
began performing on live TV in her  native Detroit at age 10. ...  
_Speaking  briefly_ ( 
UNLV Rebel Yell - Las  Vegas,NV,USA
... 1953 movie, with music and lyrics by Bob  Merrill, "Carnival" portrays 
the story of a young orphan girl who joins the  circus and befriends a puppeteer 
who can ...  
_Creative  Arts welcomes new teachers_ 
Reading  Advocate - Concord,MA,USA
... In the late 1980s, Fredericks  toured as an actress/puppeteer with the 
Sandglass Theater, based out of  Putney, Vt., in a play which went through 
Western Europe ...  
Pioneer Press - St.  Paul,MN,USA
... Puppeteer: Present PACER puppet shows  two days per month on the subject 
of disability awareness for preschoolers and  kindergarteners through 
fourth-graders, or ...  
_Professional Puppet  Builders Guild_ 
(  A discussion list on the Building of Professional Hand and  Rod 
Puppets - Join this New list for POA  members
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