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Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 18:41:23 EDT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet News for 9/9/05

_Puppets  of 'Cathay' tell epic Chinese tales of love, war and hip ..._ 
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
The  trouble with puppets is that they "don't know anything, they don't do  
anything. ... But the new puppets we've designed -- you have to  battle with 
them.". ...  
_Scandi  puppets set to go through the roof_ 
C21Media - London,England,UK
LA-based B Wooding Media,  which specializes in financing and distributing 
children's programming, will  introduce Scandinavian preschool puppet series 
Roofters ...  
_Acting  on the Edge_ 
North Bay Bohemian -  Sonoma,CA,USA
... to describe us is to say that my company  tends to use all the bastard 
art forms, the ones nobody loves anymore," explains  the Emmy-winning puppeteer 
(he won ...  
_57th  Street Children's Book Fair_ 
( - Chicago,IL,USA
... Salidor.  Beloved favorites include performances by storytellers Mama 
Edie, Denise  Berry-Hannah and puppeteer Marilyn Price. The ...  
_Puppets of  'Cathay' tell epic Chinese tales of love, war and hip ..._ 
Seattle Post Intelligencer -  USA
... They are large, five feet, my size. You want them to be  light, so the 
puppeteer can move them around. But then they're not sturdy  enough. ...  
_Old  plant finds new life in arts_ 
Hillsdale  Independent - Hillsdale,NY,USA
... Mr. Rael, who worked as a  puppeteer and carpenter before returning from 
British Columbia in the  '80s to run the family business, hopes Artspace's 
expertise and ...  
_Man behind many  curtains brims with wit, creativity_ 
Portland Tribune - Portland,OR,USA
... "The  dancer-actor-singer-puppeteer is a special breed," he says of the 
people  who have to cavort and sing in his creations. ...  
_Pulitzer  Prize winner to present works_ 
Daytona  Beach News-Journal - Daytona,FL,USA
... Her new play, "The Long  Christmas Ride Home," was produced at the 
Vineyard Theatre in New York last fall  with the distinguished puppeteer Basil 
_Gingerbread  Lady serves many rounds of laughs_ 
Charlotte Sun-Herald - Charlotte,FL,USA
... Matt  McCord is not only a fine performer in his own right, but a teacher 
of drama, a  puppeteer, a director at the Venice Little Theatre and a writer. 
_Plumas County news  on-line_ 
Plumas County Newspapers -  Plumas county,CA,USA
... 3 pm. Puppeteer and clown Tammy  Jakl will entertain children and adults 
alike, while she teaches good land  stewardship. Queenie, the ...  

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