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Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 13:42:38 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Shamelss plug - "NBTV" pilot episode will be

Kirk - Best to your pilot results!  Break a string!   Let us know how it goes.


At 12:51 PM 9/10/2005, wrote:
>We wanted to let everyone know that our pilot
>episode for "NBTV" will be airing on Monday,
>September 12th at 10:30 pm on Adelphia cable
>Channel 26 or 52 at 10:30 pm.  This is in
>Cleveland, Ohio and will also repeat for the
>next two Monday's as well.  This will be the
>first airing of our pilot episode which we hope
>people will enjoy, so please 'tune-in' and watch
>on Monday night if you're in the area and can get it.
>We would appreciate it if anyone who can watch
>the episode, if they could take a moment and visit our web site at:
>and then sign the guest book with their comments
>about what they thought about the episode (good or bad).
>And also 'bear' in mind that at "NBTV,"
>technical difficulties and station problems are
>normal, so you will experience some sound
>issues, bad camera shots and a whole bunch of
>other problems, all thanks to Chad Owens,
>"NBTV's" station co-owner and because all of the
>equipment at the station is circa 1945-1965.
>"NBTV" is a cross between "The Muppet Show" and
>"SCTV," or as someone keeps reminding me, it's a
>cross between "Big Chuck" and "Big
>Bird."  "NBTV" has absolutely "no educational
>value whatsoever" and can be watched by everyone at home; even the family pet.
>So please 'tune-in,' watch the episode and let
>us know what you think.  Thank you.
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