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Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 06:41:01 -0400
Subject: [Puptcrit] Call for puppeteer, Auditions October 6th-7th 2006

 **Call for puppeteer auditions**

* *

October 6^th and 7^th between 9am-6pm

Puppeteers are needed for a new children's tv show pilot being produced by

WOS Studios and Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center.

Once Upon a Toon(r) Is a children's program based on the popular live
performances of cartoonist/storyteller Joe Wos. We are looking for a
puppeteer to handle Zipp the teddy bear.

Zipp is a little boy teddy bear who lives in a toy box in the corner of
Joe's studio.

Zipp got his unusual name because he lost a button eye years ago and it was
replaced with a zipper. Button, zipper what's the difference, right?

Zipp is a hand puppet with rod arm control, and an eyebrow control mechanism
inside the head. Constructed by McGee Production, Hanford, California.

Puppeteer must be able to memorize lines, and work hidden from camera and in
front of chromakey.

Puppeteer must have availability select dates in October and November of

Pilot will be filmed at PMI Studios, Pittsburgh, PA.

This is a pilot episode with the hope to be picked up by a major network in

Auditions are being held at WOS Studios, located at:

The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

10 children's way

Allegheny Square

Pittsburgh, PA


Date and time of auditions

October 6^th and 7^th between 9am-6pm

Professionals and college students are encouraged to audition.

To request an audition time

Please call (412)760-1896 for more information

Or email (preferred)

You may email resume and experience in advance.

Joe Wos
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children's tv programming, Once Upon a Toon
and live presentations including
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