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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 07:36:55 -0700
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Aardman Fire


Alan, it really is sad news.   So much sad news
now with Pakistan too.  It's really ironic that
the new Wallace and Grommet film was just
released and is doing so well (#1 in some
markets)  and a fire takes their studio on the
same day.  Nick Park said in an interview that in
light of what's happened in Pakistan he puts his
loss in perspective as not so bad.  So
true.  When we get depressed and feel like things
just aren't working out, we can put it into
perspective by looking outside of ourselves.

Could the puppetry community reach out to Nick
Parks at Aardman? Does anyone on the list know
him personally?  My associates at DreamWorks have
direct connections but I don't know him
personally.   Perhaps a big electronic "puppet
card" signed by other puppeteers around the world
could be put together (on a website somewhere...).  Other ideas?

   I'm going to go give a little money to help
out in Pakistan now thru World Vision.


At 12:40 PM 10/10/2005, you wrote:

>The loss of Aardman animation history to a major
>fire is  sad news. The final results,
>PERFORMANCE on film, tape, disc remains, and was the goal of all that effort.
>Preserving the original 3-D puppets, awards,
>posters, photos and such as important. Their
>destruction is a great loss, but those of us who
>strive to preserve this kind of puppetry history
>know that not all the good stuff is preserved.
>We do the best we can in the face of fire,
>flood, storm, politics, war and other disasters.
>It is also a reason that that photographic and
>written records, books, DVDs and so on are an
>important backup for preservation of puppet
>history, and such records need to be stored in
>more than one place or future puppeteers will
>lose an important legacy.---ALAN COOK
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