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Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 08:03:05 -0700
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Also ventriloquism where the puppeteer is in full
dialog with the puppet on stage.   Or toy
theater, found object puppetry, or Bruce
Schwartz, who's direct handling of the dolls / puppets was amazing.


At 07:43 AM 10/4/2005, you wrote:
>Not to mention programs such as cabaret style
>marionette shows or Syrotiak's National
>Marionette Theater and so on in which the puppeteer is quite visible.
>Wayne Krefting
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>   The "visible puppeteer" style is obviously
> one you don't like, but that is a
>   very separate issue from talent.  There are just as many "hidden" bad
>   puppeteers as there are bad visible puppeteers- and as many excellent
>   practitioners who chose the visible style as untalented ones.  In my
>   experience the "visible" puppeteer style can
> be very very effective.  When I
>   was booking Puppet Showplace Theatre, and at the festivals I have helped
>   curate, upwards of half the shows included "exposed" elements, and the
>   standards of both the theatre and the festivals were quite high.
>   my humble opinion.
>   karen
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