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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:38:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppet Peers

Hey Jim, 

First, my thanks for the support. I tend to agree with
Mathieu that what you refer to as "Rules" are maybe
more like "Observations", and yes there are
exceptions, but but there is also truth there. 

As to your rule #3, about puppeteers seeking the
lowest common denominator, I think I know what you
mean, where others say they don't. There is a tendancy
with some people, not just puppeteers, to attack
ideas, art, thought that they perceive as threatening
them, and to praise those people who think the same. 

Many artists are threatened by the success of others.
Many people would rather be comfortable than take
risks, and thus prefer to hang with people that are
also comfortable, and just snipe at those who are out
there on the playing field.

This reminds me of two quotes:
"The critic hates most that which he would have done
himself if he had had the guts"

 That is by writer Steven Pressfield from his terrific
book The War of Art, which I HIGHLY recommend.

The other, from Cezannne,

"Don't be a critic, Paint"

Greg Ballora

--- wrote:

> In a message dated 1/9/06 23:34:33,
> writes:
> > I will second that about Animatronics and special
> > effects puppetry being overlooked by our puppet
> peers
> > and others. I found it amazing that Spiderman II
> won
> > an Academy Award for effects, largely due to
> > traditional puppet techniques, but nary a word
> about
> > it in the Puppet Journal....
> > 
> > My sour grapes for the night
> > 
> Rule No. 1:   Be it jealousy or envy, the more
> success a puppeteer has, the 
> less likely puppeteer peers        will ackowledge
> it.   
> Rule No. 2:   The most simple puppetry attempts get
> the most kudos.
> Rule No. 3:   Puppeteers seek the lowest common
> denominator because it makes 
> them look good by comparison.
> Rule No. 4:   Puppeteers want instant success, but
> are not willing to put in 
> the time and effort to learn skills required.   
> Sorry, but these are the rules.   My Sour Grapes for
> the Night Too.   Jim 
> Gamble

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