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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 14:56:09 -0600
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Jay Johnson- The 2 & Only

I respectfully disagree.
 From the L.A. Times: "LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30, 2005 =96 The Los Angeles 
Times has named Charles McNulty as theater critic, it was announced 
today by John Montorio, deputy managing editor for features."

He was not hired as a mere "reviewer" but as a "Critic". I've already 
written regarding the difference. The fact that the editor may not know 
the difference is not the fault of any performing artist.

Also my own experience is that organized confronting & challenging of 
the newspaper management can make a difference. A story:

The main (and now only) daily in Milwaukee is the Milwaukee Journal 
Sentinel. The reviewer/theatre critic there is a guy who I actually 
enjoy discussing stuff with in person, but a pretty unqualified and 
incompetent reviewer/critic. A large (as in well funded) theatre 
company (that employs puppets in many productions) that I have done 
some writing and directing work for does some shows that include Equity 
actors, non union actors as well as school age kids in the casts (all 
shows have double casting of kids). This MJS writer had an agenda. he 
held that the Theatre should not call itself professional because it 
used kids in public shows. He harped on this often in reviews. The 
theatre's Managing Director, Artistic Director and Board President 
requested and got a meeting with the MJS Editorial Board. They did not 
go in hat in hand. They read the riot act to the Ed. Board and told 
them in no uncertain term that they did not want this guy to ever 
review one of their shows. This was probably a decade ago and the shows 
were covered by other MJS writers for at least 5 years. When the guy 
was allowed to write again, not a word about his professional/kids 
issue was ever mentioned again. In other words, while the MJS still 
does not employ and actual Theatre Critic, the reviewer they do employ 
has been trained thru activism from the artists.

What he or you or I like is not what Published criticism should ever be 
What's the old saying? "Opinions are like axxhxxxs... everyone's got 
one." =96 Art Blakey (Jazz Messengers great).
Having an opinion hardly qualifies someone as a professional Critic. 
L.A. performing artists and Theatre organizations should support Mr. 
Johnson & confront & challenge Charles McNulty & John Montorio.


On Jan 26, 2006, at 1:22 PM, wrote:
> Not taking any sides, but he was hired to give his view of what  he 
> saw and
> he did
>  like it or not, this is how he feels and all reviewers are the  same.
>  Maybe his performance that night was not up to par and resulting in  
> this
> review
>  If you see it from the normal world (non-vents) it is strange for  
> mostly
> middle age men
>  to stick their hands in the butt of a doll and talk to it, and have  
> the
> doll talk back.
>  You will not get anywhere trying to stifle his views as he has a  
> right to
> state them as
>  you are doing here, attacking him for saying something you do not  
> agree
> with, No letter
>  campaigns will make a bit of difference, as not a thing libelous or
> slanderous was stated
>  Regards
>  Mark

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