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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Can you make a plaster of paris mold directly

Yep, cast straight off the master and you wont need the vaseline while I 
prefer organic clay to prevent oil contaminating the mold...and cost.
I would suggest using a piece of fishing line to cut the "plug" (the master 
model) in half and casting two seperate molds, will make casting and laying 
up the final products A LOT LOT easier, (I just "build a hill" of plaster 
over the half plug rather than build a box)  the cast halves can then be 
glued together........

Hope that helps some


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Subject: [Puptcrit] Can you make a plaster of paris mold directly 
fromPlasticine clay?

>I am working on a project where I need to make 4 duplicates of the same
> head...I am very short on time and need to crank them out asap...I
> would like to make a mold to make my life easier.  Can I lather up some
> vaseline on the sculpted clay and do a plaster of paris negative mold
> in a shoe box with the sculped head in two halved parts? Then I could
> use celluclay or some such material to push into the negative mold of
> the head...? Or do I need do a plaster bandage strip cover on the
> sculpture and then make a positive mold, like I do when making masks?
> It's a small head, so I fear it would lose detail this way...
> Any info is appreciated.
> Serra
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