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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 19:13:44 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] another rod puppet - teddy bear

Thanks again, Daniel:

I check out suppliers around here.

When I used Plastic Wood, the process was similar in that we'd make up 
'pancakes' of the stuff and press it into the mold. With the shrinkage, undercuts 
were less of a problem. But I'm willing to try the stuff and model directly on a 
simpler form.

I guess I'll show my lazy side and ask one more question. 
Does it shrink much as it dries?   
Plastic Wood shrunk quite a bit on drying so one had to model a head slightly 


> Where? Im in Australia so I go through Barnes but go to the Aves website 
> for
> suppliers anywhere in the world
> Apoxie sculpt is a two part putty so it would involve laying up, using small
> pancakes rather than casting. A spray on vynle mold release would be
> important as would be a definate lack of undercuts..... Another way would be
> to make a rough head shape out of clay then pancake OVER it with apoxie
> sculpt, adding detail etc. When set carewfully cut in half, scoop clay out
> and glue together...viola!
> My all time favorite methode of making a marrionette head.....
> I make a "nuetral" puppet head....just a nose and standard hollow where the
> eyes will go...out of Klean Klay, then make a silicon mold from this and
> cast with Easycast or similar....I can make a blank head every 30-40 minutes
> so I always have about 5-6 kicking around "in case".......then I detail with
> Apoxie sculpt....Nose, ears, eyes, facial features and viola! a hand made
> puppet head! can be varved, sculpted drilled etc
> Some more thoughts
> Daniel

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