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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 12:54:36 -0600
Subject: [Puptcrit] Fwd: wayang tour to the USA

 For folks interested in Javanese Shadow theater the puppeteer listed below is among the top 5 puppeteers in Indonesia, which is another way of saying he is among the top six or seven puppeteers in the world (I'll probably get flamed for that remark, but I believe it). It is a great opportunity to see great puppetry - and there may be a window in his schedule for another performance. Email this person, Kathryn if you can sponsor. For a full gamelan performance, however, the tab might run upwards of 6k, so a university affiliation might be a requirement.


From: kathryn emerson <ekathryn-AT-HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:25:50 AM CST
Subject: wayang tour to the USA

Dear Friends,

Ki Purbo Asmoro, one of today's most popular and respected dhalang from 
Solo, will be in the USA from 10 June through 9 July 2006 performing in 4-5 
venues in the mid-West and on the East Coast. I will send out a schedule as 
soon as all the venues are finalized, as I know many people in the USA will 
want to attend these performances!

This message though is simply a final call for any groups interested in 
having Ki Purbo Asmoro perform with them, as we still have some dates open 
on the schedule. He will be traveling with a kendhang player (Wakidi 
Dwidjomartono), a sindhen (his wife, Sudi Rahayu), and myself. The rest of 
the players will consist of local gamelan groups in or near the various 

If you are interested in having Ki Purbo Asmoro perform with your group and 
have an idea for a venue, please contact me immediately so we can make 
arrangements and talk budget, as there are 2 spots open. Notation and 
practice tapes would be sent to your group in early March so your group 
could start to prepare, and Ki Purbo and Bp. Wakidi would set aside 2-4 days 
of intense rehearsal with your group before the concert date.

The concerts could be any length, but the ones set up so far are all 2-3 
hours, and Ki Purbo has designed a number of options from very simple and 
minimal gamelan accompaniment to full classical accompaniment to rather 
complicated padhat style accompaniment. A group that can prepare Ayak, 
Srepeg and Sampak in all pathet would be possible, and one that could add a 
few ketawang or ladrang to that would be in good shape.

Contact me soon by e-mail if you are interested,

Kitsie Emerson
Jakarta International School

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