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Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 09:04:10 +1000
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Puppet Booth on E-bay

And Im not going to suggest.......It was built on our premises (we build 
lots of stuff for lots of things for lots of people) but we wanted to 
reflect a folk tradition which drove Howard, our perfectionist carpenter, 
crazy but there you go. Ill email some more pictures if you like but it is 
very roomy inside 28"x 32"x 66" and is permanetly attached to the custom 
made tricycle frame by 6 coach bolts...that took a LOT of working 
out.....there is room to operate standing but we have placed a shelf seat so 
the operator can sit, this helps brace the booth laterally and provides a 
storage space under while other puppets/props etc are clipped to the walls. 
The inside is lined with woollen blacks while the puppeteer can enjoy the 
action through a scrim.
Im on the Queensland Sunshine Coast which is very similar to parts of the 
Florida Climate and recently were doing shows in temperatures up to 36 
degrees celcius (97 deg. F) with 60-70% humidity (it was a bit drier than 
usual)...the temperatures were getting up to 42 degrees but I wasnt going 
out there..... and the booth was fine...probable the wool insulation and 
lots of air vents...but riding the bike was the killer! I organised four 
puppeteers and two assistants to work in pairs (one to ride, one to push, 
the rider then performing) to do five performances a day over six days so it 
wasnt a major stress..although the early morning and evening performances 
were in demand ;-)
Suprisingly the bike is very stable, I thought it would be too top heavy but 
no, although the looong wheel base produces some steering peculiarities
The booth is in a constant state of decoration, a detail being added every 
month or two, as all such wagons should be, and hopefully will never be 
You should seriously think about building one because the journey on the 
bike is as entertaining and as much a part of the performance as the 
puppets, its great!

PS We have had an order for a couple of Vardo's (Traditional Gypsy wagons) 
that can be folded down quickly for transport. We have discovered extruded 
fibreglass rod ( the rods in pop up tents) is great for the curved ribs of 
the roof and fold down to little bundles.... I think they would be worth 
considering when designing your next booth!

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> Wow!  That's a great looking puppet rig!  I'm sure the freight from
> Australia to Florida is astronomical (so I'm not even going to ask).  Is 
> it
> a home built affair?  I'd love to see some pictures that show how it is
> attached to the bike and how much room there is inside.  Do you perform
> while it is attached to the bike?  Are you standing or sitting during the
> performance?
> I've thought about something along those lines, but here in South Florida
> I'm afraid it would turn from a puppet booth to a puppet oven.
> Good luck on the sale!
> Dave Goboff
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> Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet Booth on E-bay
> Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 23:09:08 +1000
> We have regretfully decided to offer up Elgars Bicycle, our puppet Booth 
> on
> wheels,
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