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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 14:07:52 -0800
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Subject: [Puptcrit] Sicilian Marionettes

Hello Critters,

Thanks Fred for writing about the Sicilian Opera dei Pupi performances at
the Met.  I'm sorry the performance didn't tour because I'm on the other
coast and had no chance to see it.

I think many of the differences between the two Sicilian shows that you have
seen are regional.  The Argento Family (I believe they were performing at
the museum last weekend) does the Palermo style of "pupi" and the show in
Connecticut probably uses "pupi" from Catania.  Most likely the Connecticut
"pupi" were ones from the Macri family.  If Jim Napalitano is on the list,
he has had the opportunity to help Salvador Macri with the opera dei pupi
when there was a segment done for "Between the Lions".

Coincidentally, both the Macri and Manteo families performed the Catania
style so there hasn't been as much of the Palermo style seen in this
country.  We have been to Sicily a few times and have done several shows
using the rod marionette technique, including one show produced with
beautifully armored figures by Vincenzo Argento.  We are now actually
planning for another "pupi" performance, "The Liberation of Rugierro from
the Island of Alcina", set for Spring of 2007 (dates tba).  I hope some of
you can make it.

"Pupi per Tutti"
Puppets for All
(Our condensed mission statement)

Best regards,

Dmitri Carter

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