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Hi all
The first stage version of Dr Dolittle opened in London in 1998 with puppets 
by the Henson Creature  Shop. The show ran for about a year.

The US production began its tour Aug 2006 in Pittsburgh with puppets by 
Michael Curry and starring Tom Hewitt. Quite a large number of theatres 
signed on for  what was supposed to be a long tour. The second stop was 
The reviews in both cities were not great, and friends who saw  the show 
agreed. The tour was canceled. The producers went back to work, and that is 
when Tommy Tune became involved.

Speaking of shows. Has the list talked about the Las Vegas closing of Avenue 
There are rumors that now that the Vegas deal is off, there might be a 
national tour of Ave Q


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>> Through March 5 at the Pantages Theatre in Holllywood CA, Tommy Tune 
>> stars
>> in touring musical.
> This musical is scheduled to tour New York State where I live, but with a
> different leading man.  The advertisements boast puppets designed by 
> Michael
> Curry.  Could it be the same production?
> Robert Rogers
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