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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 22:19:19 EST
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Thanks  Mark, for all the info.
Now to find out actual paper types and  names.

>From what they describe, we'd need a solvent to make it  work?

Not by the sound of it, sounds to me the person is using material as  strong 
 what we have talked about in the past like Rosin paper from the  building 
trade or
 the material like dryer sheets (tossed in to soften clothes),.,I  believe it 
is also
used in art and mounting of art,  I do not  believe they
 would use any chemical going into a face mask. sounds like a very  strong 
 mache or cloth mache , no different in what you have been  doing.
Check this link I found of an Italian art store     White opaque paper, 100% 
alpha  cellulose, wove, watermarked. 150gsm, Bugra  Strong
( .  
also photo paper like : Moab  Entrada Kayenta Photo Matt 205gsm:
MOAB's Kayenta  Photo Matte is a bright white 100% alpha-cellulose paper. It 
is designed for use  with today's advanced ink sets like EPSON's Ultrachrome 
K3 inks and EPSON's  standard Ultrachrome black and white inks. Kayenta is made 
in the USA of the  finest acid-and lignin-free materials. 
and here is  another:
    Sterling 300g Fine Art Paper
300g Media, Archival Quality, 1440 DPI Printing, Radiant White  Surface  This 
300g, Bright White, water-resistant smooth surface Photographic  Matte Paper 
will change the way you look at your photographs and  art. Sterling 300g is an 
alpha cellulose paper made from the highest  grade buffered wood pulp and is 
therefore acid free and lignin free.   In addition, Sterling 300g features a 
luxury smooth surface, superb Dmax  level, and is archival quality.  This 
professional media was  developed to be the industry leading smooth fine art paper 
for  photographic professionals
What it tells me is the person is using that word instead of   saying one is
 using a high grade acid free paper (photographic or Art)
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