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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 09:52:11 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] I think all is relevant to puppetry

As it seems that some issues have popped up here that are affecting the 
whole world in one way or another, and a comment of relevancy was made I 
think it is important that even though it may not affect construction or 
staging or materials etc. to recognize that a 
world/religious/philosophical/humanist point of view is relevant to 
performance. Points of view are what a performer communicates. Points of 
view are what an artist offers.
Now of course we can disagree on points of view but they are relevant. 
Whether or not you are producing (or performing) the 3 pigs for 3,4,5 year 
olds or something "adult"  your world view could color what you are doing.
This kind of stuff has been the grist for the Puppetry mill for ages.
Now the question is can we perhaps find some room for agreement instead of 
getting our backs up against the wall for something that we disagree with? 
Can we be expanded? Can our world views be somehow developed?

I personally object to some things which actually in their extreme 
fundementalistism try to tell me how to live, think, feel, believe. I 
personally object to philosophical infringement of thought. I object to a 
loss of humor and the ability to look at something objectively and even 
though I do most of my shows about taking caring of teeth these objections 
color what I present. These objections color the new shows I dream of and 
sometimes build and perform for different venues.

So all is relevant for me...But my question is where can we grow to from 
these discussions?????

Mark S. 

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