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Check this out on Rod Hull's replacment!....Ax

"...We can't fault them for effort and it was
undoubtedly brave but EMU'S BROADCASTING COMPANY
it certainly wasn't. After Rod Hull's tragic
death erecting a new crucifix on his roof, ITV
were left with a huge hole in their children's
schedule. They tried everything, screen-testing a
whole range of new ginger frontmen to be paired
up with the mischievous Emu including Chris
Evans, Forbes Masson and Paul Scholes, but none
seemed capable of carrying a full half-hour.

Then director Ken Loach had a brainwave - if it
was impossible to find a real ginger man to
operate the puppet Emu, why not try a real live
emu that could carry on its back a fake puppet of
Rod Hull! But while it was certainly a novel
solution, the new show didn't quite match up to
its illustrious forebears. For starters, the live
emu proved to be even more temperamental than the old fake one.

Once in front of a group of terrified primary
school children, the flightless creature ran amok
in the studio while the large floppy Rod Hull
effigy was flung around on his back, smashing the
set to pieces. The animal also never really got
to grips with the fake plastic emu leg it was
forced to wear to cover up that one of his real
legs was operating the Rod Hull puppet. And when
these problems were added to the animal's basic
failings when it came to delivering gags and
total inability to work to a shooting script, the
grand idea was shown up to have been somewhat
misguided. Indeed, it was only the bravery of the
portly Grotbags, throwing herself on the beast
and crushing it to death that saved the producers
from a more horrific outcome. And although
Whipsnade Zoo failed to see it, this was a mercy
killing in more ways than one. "

At 09:36 AM 2/4/2006, you wrote:

>Thanks Mary and also Ray Da Silva for the identification of the Rod Hull and
>his Emu in the video clip.
>Rod Hull died more than 10 years ago when he fell off the roof of his house,
>but see also for a
>lo-res collection of clips the BBC put together of his TV appearances
>after he died. Apparently, Hull's son continues to perform with Emu on
>I'll be including both this clip and the earlier one in the PuppeteersUK
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