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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:55:31 EST
Subject: [Puptcrit] 100% Cellulose Paper for papier mache

In a message dated 2/25/06 5:10:32, writes:

> Who=A0 needs to limit oneself to one layer of paper?
> Somebody like me who's=A0 getting pressed by time, and wants to make enough
> masks to make a good=A0 living.
> Mathieu René Créaturiste
> You'll do it, Thomas Edison did not have 1,000 mistakes when=A0 inventing an
> item
> he found 1,000 ways not to do it before he found the way it is=A0 done
> Regards

I wonder who paid the bills while Edison was trying out 1000 different 
materials?   And they weren't really mistakes, it was research to find out what did 
not work...As my brother, a commercial realtor says, "It takes 20 calls to 
make a sale.   I look forward to calls 1 through 19, because I know the next will 
result in a sale."

I haven't followed this thread, but the use of "red rosin sheathing paper" 
used in the building trades is the perfect answer to making paper mache.   It's 
strong, absorbent, cheap and easily available. 

Ceramic clay is NOT a good choice for creating marionettes, too heavy and 
brittle.   Ceramic clay is for sculpture and dishes.

FWIW:   Jim Gamble
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