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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 03:37:20 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] glass-like horses at Omni World

Some years ago (again?) Sid & Marty Krofft Productions created a carousel/merry-go-round in Atlanta for Omni World. That same year the PofA Fest was in CT and some events and a picnic were at the O'Neill Theater (sp?)

One of the younger puppeteer attendees had stopped in Atlanta on the way to the Festival and he was all excited. The carousel was on the fourth floor, and the horses were cast in resin for a glass-like effect (a result of Sid's trippy vision at his Hollywood hilltop home). 

There were technical problems galore. If you recycled the plaster mold, the cast horse broke. So each horse had a one-time-use mold. That added to cost. The resin horses were HEAVY. On  test spin in Los Angeles the whole carousel took off like a giant top, stopping when hitting a wall. No-one was reported killed. That was the good part.

It was said that the lower floors in Atlanta needed bracing to carry the carousel weight above.  The horses scuffed easily from riders' shoes. To get to the carousel required several rides on escalators which were not working on opening day according to our young puppeteer's report. "but they will be!" he said with faith undeterred.

Sometimes artistic vision needs a practical touch to see it realized properly and safely and economically.

It is my understanding the glass-like carousel envisioned by a puppeteer's dream was a bit of a disappointment, and was not a long-term product.

Glass and glass-like puppets and carousel horses can provide a nice aesthetic "look" but they can break.


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