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My first wife and I started our Puppet Theatre. I didn't really start making 
as viable living until we had separated.
I think one of our biggest mistakes (in hindsight) was that we always worked 
together. In regards to a living. Had we each had our own show say for 
birthdays (which in the beginning 30 years ago was a LARGE source of 
income), we could have easily doubled what we were making.
Time is a most relevant thing. If a person is good at what they do then it 
takes time to build a clientele. Word of mouth is the best form of 
advertisement / marketing.

Live to your limitations before you try to exceed them.

I have my "bread and butter" shows which gives me the luxury of working on 
other things that may not be economically advantageous but are so 
"spiritually" (if you will).

Learn to listen to and respect your audience. Even after all this time I am 
constantly (and joyfully) learning new things even in the old.

Learn what is theatre.

In my beginning I hated to do BD shows (truth be told I wasn't too good at 
them (for me)). Not until I recognized the dynamic of the audience that I 
was dealing with did I start to develop. It was a phenomenal training 
ground! Haven't done them for years (thankfully have enough shows that 
don't currently need too), but when asked I do decline because what I now do 
is just not suitable (ya got to know what you are doing!). Don't discount 
this valuable source of training and income.

As to words of your passion and the money will follow. 
Plan for a time of retirement. I didn't, haven't and will probably work 
until I can't anymore. Not too smart.

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>I know a young couple that is starting out a career in puppetry.  To  you
> other puppeteer couples, how long did it take before you were able to make 
> a
> living at puppetry?  Any words of advice and encouragement for my 
> friends?
> Nancy Smith
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