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I apologize profusely.  I misspelled the URL connection, yielding an htm extention and not the html extention which is correct.

The correct link is:<>

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  the link didn't work...
  got a "Not Found The requested URL /survey.htm was not found on this server."

  >The Puppeteers of America is conducting a major online survey of the 
  >North American puppetry community in an effort to better meet their 
  >needs.  Whether or not you are a member of Puppeteers of America, we 
  >invite you to participate.
  >  The survey will only take a few minutes of your time, is completely 
  >anonymous, and will provide valuable information to help our 
  >organization change and grow to meet the needs of the puppetry 
  >community. The more information gathered, the better the Puppeteers 
  >of America can serve.
  >You may participate by going to:
  >Thank you.
  >Wayne Krefting, Trustee
  >for the Board of Trustees, Puppeteers of America
  List address:<>
  Admin interface:<>
List address:
Admin interface:


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