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I have seen two of his shows. Macbeth and I think Nightclub all though I am 
not positive that was the one.
Macbeth astounded me with his capability and shear theatricality. It was a 
masterful production and I left feeling excited ---- there was such a 
brilliance there. The second piece (if it was Nightclub and I think it was) 
was just so very raw and emotional. It was as if he was stripping down 
whatever masks he might have and exposing himself beyond naked to the 
audience. Almost to the point of too much personal intensity.

He is very VERY worth seeing if you ever have the opportunity.
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I found Neville Tranter's website.
Cool stuff(ed)!

I think some of the puppets are partly paper mache (for the heads and 
I like the darkness and raw-ness of the work. Can anyone attempt to describe 
the kind of moods one feels when seeing his shows live?

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