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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 04:02:03 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Masks (cause they're like puppet faces)


I now feel unable to draw, since I spend so much time in 3D.
I used to study to become an illustrator, but I was too slow for my tastes 
(and for surviving in today's fast palced world).  Clay responds better to 
me than pencil and paper, although I still like drawing from time to time.

Puppet making has fulfilled all my needs for art, and it has led me to 
maskmaking as well.
I couldn't be happier (artistically.)
I'm spending the night up finishing a mask form for a neutral mask i,m 
presenting to a client tomorrow.
If all goes well, I'll produce some in series for his Theatre classes.
The thoughest mask I've ever made. How can I achieve neutrality, when i've 
been striving for all my life to reach expressiveness???
And even harder than that, it has to be gender-neutral and fit most people 
Yikes! But I love a challenge!

Now to survival... I'm waiting for the money to fall from the sky now...

Where is it?
Seen it?

Mathieu René Créaturiste
Marionnettes, Masques, Etcetera...
Puppets, Masks, Etcetera...
(514) 274-8027 

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