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I have done a fair amount of research about puppets on Broadway
The Famous People Players were on Broadway twice 1986 and returned in 1994
I dont know of any other Canadian companies that appeared on Bdwy

Ronnie Burkett won the Off Broadway Obie award for Tinka's New Dress
The New Victory Theatre on 42nd street has featured some fine Canadian 
artists but it is not considered a Broadway theatre

If anyone on the list has Playbills from Broadway shows with puppets, I 
would love to know about it.
I am espcially interested in finding Playbills for Baird's Brdwy run of Davy 
Jones Locker 1959

or Baird's Ali Baba at the Phoenix Theatre mid 50s

or Marionette Theatre of Braunschweig - dec 57 Phoenix theatre Harro Siegel

These 3 shows are not correctly documented on internet broadway data base. A 
Playbill would correct the omission.


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> Dear friends of the puppet,
> I know Famous PEOPLE Players has performed on Broadway, but does anyone 
> know of
> any other Canadian puppet companies that have performed there? Thanks in 
> advance
> for any information!
> All the best,
> Jamie Ashby
> Jamie Ashby
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> Theatre
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