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Nice Kevin!


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Subject: [Puptcrit] New Hand Puppet and Costume Puppet Characters

> Just wanted to share pictures of my newest creations: a full-body red fox
> hand puppet, and a seven-foot-tall stork costume puppet:
> Fox:
> Stork:
> Here's a few notes on each character, for those who might be interested:
> I built the fox specifically to do stand-up comedy routines, sitting
> or standing beside me on a table or stool, though he may end up making
> some stage appearances as well.  He has snap-closable openings on both his
> back and his belly, allowing me to use him in either an upright (standing
> on hind legs) or realistic (standing on all-fours) position.
> The stork has a fully articulable beak, operated by a cable control 
> running
> down to my left hand inside the left wing. The beak and legs are made from
> swimsuit nylon, while the body is made from a feathery white fur.  The 
> neck
> is a solid foam core surrounded by a layer of 1" foam (all high-density
> 'green' foam), allowing for a lot of controlled swaying of the head.
> Kevin
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> Specializing in fun, fairy tale style puppet shows, featuring
> Personally designed, lovable and lifelike animal characters.
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