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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 23:52:56 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] Reccomending a GREAT object-puppetry show

There is a kind of puppet show without puppets, or rather with objects that become puppets as soon as the talented people give them life.
I saw a few examples before, but none were astonishing or convincing enough for me.

Well, I tell you, I have hit the jackpot tonight!!!!
I was not at all convinced to see the show, but told myself since I've only heard GREAT reviews of it, from people I trust,  I'd give it a shot if there were tickets left when I got to the ticket booth.
There were. I saw. I was blown away!

The show is called "Ubu sur la table" and it is by the theatre comnpany "Thé=E2tre de La Pire Esp=E8ce".
Roughly translated, the show could be called "Tabletop Ubu" and the company: "Theatre of The Worst Kind".
No pun inteneded on my part, it's their actual name in French!

See their website (in French) on:

There are only two performers, no technician (they do it all, including lighting and sound).  Surrounded by everyday objects, they work their magic on a table set in the middle of the stage. The audience is reduced for optimal viewing, so we were installed on the actual stage, on bleacher-type steps, topped with comfortable chairs. so we all could see VERY well.

The puppeteers are good actors themselves, and do not hide it at all, interacting with the puppets and the public constantly. Laughter is contagious, but even if it were not, we'd still be laughing the whole lenght of the show, for their visual and verbal humour is understood by all.
I cannot tell you much about the show, it would mean spoiling the fun.  Ok, I'll tell you about some of the characters: There is a hammer, a few spoons, a set of forks, a damaged piece of wood, and many many others, cast in the most original way possible. Wait till you see who (or what) plays the legendary Ubu and his wife!.

Before tonight's show, I thought about object puppetry as a cute side-dish, to be added as a bonus to a puppet show.
Sure, giving life to a spoon can be fun for a few seconds, but for a whole show? I was always more-than-partial to figurative art, actual characters in plays, and needing to see something anthropomorphic or at the very least animal-like. You see, I was very skeptical.

Not anymore.
Theatre de la Pire Espece convinced me that object puppetry can be just as magical, hilarious, inspiring and emotionnal than actually built puppets. 
I can't wait to catch the next opportunity to see their work. They have other shows, and one of them is a remake, with objects again, of Perseus!
It also has been collecting awesome reviews!

Let me emphasise how motivated I am to tell you about the show: all the while I'm typing this, I've been sneezing as if I were trapped in a pepper shaker with a functionning electrical fan,  taking 3-second breaks to blow my nose one-handedly, while continuing typing.
Blasted cold!

But am I glad to have gone out in the rainy-windy-cold winter night, for a long trip,  to see the show? You bet I am!

More puppet shows and discussions are happening tomorrow, I am supercharged and anxious to start making puppets again. I haven't built any for over a month, although I've been coaching a collegue who's building his first puppet. He already is pro-level, being a machine-part maker, a brick layer, and a stone sculptor, he just needs a few pointers for articulations, but mostly encouragements.
But that's another story...

The puppet event I'm attending this week end is the one I was talking about last week.
Les 3 jours de Castelliers, happening in Montreal for two more days.
see details at:
Keep that website in your files. If you want to come perform in Quebec, they might be able to help.
Great new organisation that lives soley for the promotion of the Art of puppetry!
Like a wise senior collegue of mine said today after hearing the innauguration speech: FINALLY!

Mathieu René Créaturiste
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