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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 18:51:18 -0600
Subject: [Puptcrit] Video clip in honor of Bu Harni, R.I.P.

I posted this clip in honor of the passing of Bu Harni, a great 
Javanese Dalang.

In order to fully appreciate her skills, you'd probably need to study 
in Indonesia a few years.  But this clip, which is without words, is a 
wonderful bit of physical comedy, synced beautifully with gamelan and 
mouth-made sound effects.

This from the gamelan list:
"Sad news to report---

This afternoon (Saturday afternoon in Solo), Nyi Suharni Sabdowati 
passed away in the hospital after being ill for a short time.

Bu Harni was a highly respected dhalang and one of the few female 
dhalang. She was a student of Ki Nartosabdo (hence "Sabdowati"), and 
was from Kedhung Bantheng, Sragen. She passed away at approximately the 
age of 70. Besides being a professional dhalang in her own right by any 
standards male or female, she was well-known for her trademark "male" 
voice and sang suluk and kombangan precisely in the male range, rather 
than up an octave like many other female dhalang. She was widely 
traveled and had spent a short time teaching and peforming in 
Melbourne, Australia if I'm not mistaken.

She passed away while being visited by numerous famous dhalang in the 
hospital this afternoon--never at a loss for friends, students, and 
admirers--and attendance at her service tomorrow afternoon will 
undoubtedly reflect her wide influence in the Solonese dhalang 

Kitsie Emerson

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