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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 19:30:40 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Strengthening mat board

I recall seeing one of Larry Reed's shows-fabulous mix
of shadow puppets, mask and dance-- I believe it was
about the life of one of the Khans of Asia. At the
time he was using plastic cut with a laser, and I
believe he was very happy with the result. I was able
to buy a souvenir of the show that was a plastic
sillhoute of o character. I think it is made from a
material called kydex, which is very a sheet stock
plastic. My experience with it is that it is very
durable, and not at all brittle. You mention bending
the Matt board 30 degrees. Do you need it to bend in
the show, or are you just worried about it wearing
Lexan is another sheet stock plastic, super durable,
they make bullet proof glass out of it. When it is
thin, it is quite flexible, machines very well, but I
have only seen it sold clear. Sort of a disadvantage
for most shadow puppets...


--- Daniel McGuire <> wrote:

> Folks,
> I'm building shadow puppets. I'm using a new kind of
> desktop laser to 
> cut the many holes. Traditionally, wayang are made
> of parchment - ie 
> leather, but the laser has problems cutting leather
> . I wonder if there 
> is a way to strengthen mat board materials. I
> understand that persimmon 
> juice is used in Japan to waterproof and strengthen
> paper used for 
> stencils, but I cannot find a source for it here in
> the states. I 
> wonder if linseed oil would be at all helpful. Mat
> board is both a bit 
> too rigid and to fragile - fold it more than 30
> degrees it breaks and 
> rips. I wonder if sandwiching Tyvek between two
> pieces of board might 
> work better - it would be certainly have more
> tensile strength, and be 
> harder to rip.
> Plastics seems to be where I am headed - but it too
> can be brittle.
> In short, I'm looking for something that is tough
> like leather, 
> flexible like leather, perhaps translucent like
> leather, but ain't 
> leather.
> Suggestions?
> Cheers,
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