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Manteo Update
With thanks to Nancy Staub I was recently in touch with the Manteo family.
They are in Staten Island. Sending Stephen Kaplin contact off list

For a time the Manteo marionettes were at a museum in Staten Island, but the 
marionettes did  not stay there. The family reclaimed them.

There was an excellent episode of  "Between the Lions" devoted to Sicilian 
I think Tim Lagasse and Jim Napolitano worked on the episode working along 
with Sal Macri

Sal Macri lives in New Haven CT (is that considered NYC neighborhood?)

Sal at one time was part of Macri-Weil company (seen at PofA fest way back 
in 1970)

There was a parting of the ways

Jim Weil has a collection of about 50 figures  at the "Puppet House Theater" 
in Stony Creek, CT (right next to Branford CT)

an article in the New Haven Register Jan 06


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> Greeting puptcritters,
> I am trying to track down the Manteo Family Sicilian Marionette
> Company. They live somewhere in Brooklyn or Staten Island, but that's
> as much as I know. Does anyone have contact with them, or at least know
> an address or phone?
> Barring that, does anyone in the NYC neighborhood have a good example
> of a Sicilian Marionette that I can put in an exhibition of puppetry
> that I am curating for the Flushing Town Hall, opening April 20.
> Thanks
> Stephen
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