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Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 07:26:59 GMT
Subject: [Puptcrit] Update on Newport CA film fest puppets onscreen April 22

I hope Southern California puppeteers can reserve April 22 and 23 to attend puppet films at Newport Film Fest. 

Publicity for the festival tends to be slow, so an advance alert is appropriate.

Last year's all-day puppet films programs were outstanding.

Sergei Obraztsov's Moscow Puppet Theater in Los Angeles April 3 MONDAY 7 pm as part of  
Tickets: or  or (323)874-8216  $30
(The April 2 ALADDIN show cancelled because of shipping/cost/etc. factors) 

The Russian puppets present UNUSUAL CONCERT, which I first saw in 1965 in Bucharest, Rumania at an UNIMA fest.

I last saw it in Hollywood CA, and at that time they sold ceramic figurines of the Emcee puppet. Fortunately they survived a major earthquake in Los Angeles. Perhaps they will bring more of these nifty souvenirs???


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*Newport Beach Film Festival.*  ( 
Orange County, CA
April 22nd and 23rd. Puppets in Film.
Heather Henson will present a selection of short puppet films by 
independent artists exploring their handmade craft specifically for the 
camera. Henson's goal is to nurture a new generation of puppeteers who 
will embrace film as a medium for their individual expressions. She 
looks for films that focus primarily on real-time performed puppetry, 
with an emphasis on character work. She has accumulated an eclectic 
collection of contemporary artists who carefully weave both the craft of 
filming and puppetry into their work. These films allow for artists to 
build their vision then breath life into their dreams. She hopes to help 
the filmmakers reexamine the relationship between the puppet art and the 
recorded media, encouraging artists to eschew puppet cliches and realize 
their unique visions.
_Proposed programming four Puppet Film events on April 22: (Subject to 
change, Check with festival for confirmation)_
(Pending ) *Muppets Musician of Bremen* 10am
with introduction by Heather Henson, showing examples of diversification 
in the Muppets' puppets. This show used marionettes, full body puppets, 
as well as traditional Muppets. Introduction would also highlight Don 
Sahlin's excellence in design in this show.

*Handmade Puppet Dreams* II 12:00
*From the Dream to the Screen* 2:30pm
-the making of independent puppet films */Harker and Sammy & Sofa/*

*Being John Malkovich* 4:30pm
We have chosen to screen Being John Malkovich as an example of 
excellence of puppetry on film. Following the screening, Phillip Huber 
and John Malkovich (not yet confirmed) will talk about the process of 
filming and performing the puppets for the movie. 2 puppets from the 
film, made by "Images in Motion", will be on display April 22nd & 23rd 
only. Fore more information on this film visit us at 

Tillamook Treasure* **April 23rd - T**illamook Treasure Premiere*. 
Phillip Huber created, designed, and operated the marionettes for this 
film. Making his debut in the film is Valentine, one of  Taffy's pick of 
the litter. Like mother, like son, a show dog, it's in the bloodline.
The puppets from this film, made by Phillip Huber, will be on display 
April 22nd and 23rd only.
For a more information 
visit and
David Alexander
Representative <>
(931) 520-1152

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