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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 05:39:37 -0400
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Punch and Judy ban on Bin Laden **

Oue Punch y Judy puppet performances in Puerto Rico are as follows.
Punch y Judy: La comedia tr=E1gica; la tr=E1gica comédica
6 elencos: un rebelde eterno
Teatro Estudio Yerbabruja, R=EDo Piedras, Puerto Rico
Mayo 12/13/14 8pm

Punch and Judy: the comic tradegey, the tragic comedy
6 cast: one eternal rebel
Teatro Estudio Yerbabruja, R=EDo Piedras ,Puerto Rico-
May 12/13/14  8pm
787 725 2207
787 414 2082

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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Punch and Judy ban on Bin Laden **

> Nancy,
> That news article was from last summer and certainly made its way around 
> the
> Web.   The Punchman in question was actually Brent de Witt from Sarasota,
> Florida, who trained for a while with Percy Press, Jr.   I've seen Brent's 
> show
> (in Florida) with Saddam and Al Gore as puppets in the cast, and last May 
> I saw
> a P&J show in London with Tony Blair.   There's also a rumor that the
> well-received special show Glyn Edwards and Martin Bridle worked on, in 
> which Osama
> bin Laden features towards the end, may be revived again soon.
> It's never been clear who actually complained, if anyone really did, about
> Brent's show, nor why they complained.   However, certain characters and
> elements in the Punch & Judy show have controversial from time to time, 
> depending on
> local tastes.   Frank Burns of North Carolina lamented to me that he has 
> known
> parents to pull their children away from his performances once he puts the
> Devil puppet up, because the very appearance of the Devil obviously means 
> that
> the entire show is Satanic and that Frank is indoctrinating children into 
> the
> cult of Lucifer from the ninth level of his little puppet booth.
> Some Punchmen defended Brent last summer; some condemned him for possibly
> making life harder for Punch puppeteers all around.   One line-- mine at 
> the
> time, I think-- was somewhere in the middle: that there was nothing wrong 
> with
> Brent having used the puppets to begin with, but that it was probably 
> better to
> have simply put them away after he was asked to without talking to the
> newspapers about it.   Now, that may not seem very brave, but it was 
> considered
> practical, as the more people think there is some controversy with the 
> Punch &
> Judy show, the less likely that it will be hired for events.   It's the
> controversy that gets remembered, usually, rather than the facts.
> This might even seem to be borne out by the original article, which didn't
> explain who might have made the complaint, or how many complaints might 
> have
> been received... and didn't even get the performer's name right!
> And this reminds me I have to get Paul Zaloom's NY Karagoz information up 
> on
> the Punch & Judy calendar, now that I've gotten the notice from Great 
> Small
> Works!
> Sean K.
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>> ** Punch and Judy ban on Bin Laden **
>> A seaside Punch and Judy man is banned from using Saddam Hussein and 
>> Osama
>> Bin Laden puppets.
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