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I have shadow puppets that are many years old and have worn very well made 
the following ways:
-matt board spray glued to a tough plastic (like 'for sale' signs are made 
from...I ended up with some rolls of the stuff, which is very tough)...then 
I painted the finished puppet parts with white glue mixed with black latex 
house paint.  Inexpensive and very tough.
-same technique as above, but using matt board and file folder board spray 
glued to overhead projector plastic sheets.
-I have also been creating some great, quick and cheap images by printing 
colored shadows directly from my computer to laser transparencies.  Light, 
and perhaps slightly fragile, but quick and easy and allowing all kinds of 
color and shading and are quite beautiful.  For a couple of recent nude 
shadows I was able to leave overlapping parts of joints clear so that the 
skin tones did not double, creating a dark overlap area. (images of the nude 
shadow puppets at -there are two 
examples, one near the bottom of the page.)
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> For black shadows, I use 20 ml clear lexan with a layer of black 
> self-adhesive Contac paper adhered to it. The Contac paper is relatively 
> inexpensive, and an Xacto knife will slice through it like butter. The 
> lexan is not cut with the Xacto knife, but serves as a sturdy backing that 
> allows light through where the Contac paper has been cut. 20 ml lexan is 
> thin enough to be cut with a scissors to easily create the basic shapes 
> desired for puppets, yet flat enough to get clean shadows if an unfocused 
> light source is used.
> For colored shadows, I make a sandwich: bottom layer of 20 ml lexan, then 
> a layer of clear double stick adhesive film, then sketch weight paper 
> colored in with art markers. Sometimes I cover this with a clear one-sided 
> adhesive film for protection. The adhesive films can usualy be found in 
> art stores or on the web.
> Regards,
> Diane
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