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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:22:25 -0600
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Strengthening mat board

I too would like to see these puppets in action. Please throw up a clip 
on They look great.


On Mar 21, 2006, at 4:48 PM, Michael Nelson wrote:

> I have shadow puppets that are many years old and have worn very well 
> made
> the following ways:
> -matt board spray glued to a tough plastic (like 'for sale' signs are 
> made
> from...I ended up with some rolls of the stuff, which is very 
> tough)...then
> I painted the finished puppet parts with white glue mixed with black 
> latex
> house paint.  Inexpensive and very tough.
> -same technique as above, but using matt board and file folder board 
> spray
> glued to overhead projector plastic sheets.
> -I have also been creating some great, quick and cheap images by 
> printing
> colored shadows directly from my computer to laser transparencies.  
> Light,
> and perhaps slightly fragile, but quick and easy and allowing all 
> kinds of
> color and shading and are quite beautiful.  For a couple of recent nude
> shadows I was able to leave overlapping parts of joints clear so that 
> the
> skin tones did not double, creating a dark overlap area. (images of 
> the nude
> shadow puppets at -there are two
> examples, one near the bottom of the page.)
> Michael
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>> For black shadows, I use 20 ml clear lexan with a layer of black
>> self-adhesive Contac paper adhered to it. The Contac paper is 
>> relatively
>> inexpensive, and an Xacto knife will slice through it like butter. The
>> lexan is not cut with the Xacto knife, but serves as a sturdy backing 
>> that
>> allows light through where the Contac paper has been cut. 20 ml lexan 
>> is
>> thin enough to be cut with a scissors to easily create the basic 
>> shapes
>> desired for puppets, yet flat enough to get clean shadows if an 
>> unfocused
>> light source is used.
>> For colored shadows, I make a sandwich: bottom layer of 20 ml lexan, 
>> then
>> a layer of clear double stick adhesive film, then sketch weight paper
>> colored in with art markers. Sometimes I cover this with a clear 
>> one-sided
>> adhesive film for protection. The adhesive films can usualy be found 
>> in
>> art stores or on the web.
>> Regards,
>> Diane
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