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Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 18:44:20 -0500
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Hi All. I highly recommend  the exhibit "At Arm's Length: The Art of 
African Puppetry" up through April 15th at the World Financial Center 
Courtyard Gallery (220 Vesey Street at West Street in Manhattan- take 
A,C 1,2, 3 to Chamber street), open noon to six. It is an exhibit of 
puppets from the South African Handspring Puppet Theatre and The 
Sogolon Troupe from Mali, along with traditional puppets from Mali and 
videos clips from Handspring's fabulous production (Faust in Africa, 
Ubu and the Truth Commission (directed by artist-animator William 
Kentridge) Tall Horse, among others)and videos on traditional puppetry 
in Mali. Free and amazing.

Claudia Orenstein

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