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Subject: [Puptcrit] Ms. Sirppa Sivori-Asp, ex-President of UNIMA,

I got this from my Puppeteer's association, local Unima center,  and thought some people on Puptcrit might want to know, since some of us are not Unima members.

Actress, director of puppet theatre, drama, opera and television, ex-President of UNIMA

International died 20.3.2006 in Helsinki, Finland.

"I am a happy fool, a jester, an actress and a puppeteer. I have a visible soul, my puppet."

described Ms. Sirppa Sivori-Asp her long life in the field of theatre.

The career of Sirppa Sivori-Asp in theatre arts started already in the lively 1930ies, when she

appeared for the very first time on the stage, at the age of four in The Municipal Theatre of

Vyborg, the city where she was born. The famous Playhouse School of Theatre in Pittsburgh,

USA welcomed Sirppa Sivori-Asp, a very young student in 1940ies. After the theatre school

Sirppa started her professional career as an actress at The Municipal Theatre of Turku,

Finland, in 1946-58.

The love and affection towards puppet theatre was kindled in Salzburg, Austria in the

1950ies, when Sirppa saw a performance of The Salzburger Marionettentheater. She then

tried to establish a professional puppet theatre in Finland, but had to wait until 1971, until she

met two other enthusiasts. Sirppa and her friends established The Green Apple Puppet Theatre

in Helsinki. She was the artistic director of the theatre in 1975-1995. In September 1996 The

Green Apple celebrated its 25th anniversary and at the same occasion Sirppa Sivori-Asp

celebrated her 50th Jubilee as an actress.

She was rewarded with the Golden Medal of Finnish Theatre for her unique career in the

fields of drama, opera and puppetry in Finland. The State of Finland rewarded her with a

Cross of the Order of White Rose.

In addition to her career in puppetry Sirppa worked for more than 30 years (1958-1991) as

TV-director of The Finnish Broadcasting Company and was the President of The International

Association of Women in Television and Radio in the 1980ies. Sirppa also directed several

operas and dramas, she was a teacher at the Theatre Academy and other institutions, played

many roles in television, opera and drama theatres. Since 1970ies she dramatised, wrote and

directed numerous plays both in Finland and abroad.She also worked with several Finnish and

international associations of arts. In addition to this she was also one of the founders of The

Finland =96 Sri Lanka Association and promoted building of new houses for the poor families in

the slums.

Sirppa Sivori-Asp became the member of UNIMA International in 1972 and the President of

UNIMA-Finland in 1985-1992. In 1992 World Congress in Ljubljana she was elected as the

President of International UNIMA.This demanding task took Sirppa in 1992-2000 all over the

world: European, American, Asian and African puppeteers met our energetic Sirppa at

congresses, festivals, seminars and meetings. Hundreds of puppeteers in Finland and abroad

remember Sirppa Sivori-Asp as a warm hearted and diplomatic person, who dedicated her

whole life to the art of theatre.

21.3.2006 Marjut (Maiju) Tawast, Sirppa=B4s secretary in 1981-2006
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