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I agree Diane.
Jasons  snide parody reminds me of  the testosterone driven fraternity jocks 
who can make life miserable for young artists.

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>I agree that friendly competition can benefit audiences and art. But I 
>don't think that's what happened with these two jugglers.
> If Jason had presented a completely original routine, with different music 
> and a live audience, so that his work was judged on its own merits; and if 
> the creative product were the most important part of that presentation --  
> well, that's one thing. But instead, Jason chose to snidely parody Chris 
> Bliss's honest, heartfelt performance. Jason did his level best to say 
> "that guy's a hack, and I'm great." Jason filmed his routine in a gym, 
> spliced in footage of Chris Bliss's audience, and just tried to slap Bliss 
> in the face.
> Now, why would someone feel motivated to do that? I can only think that 
> the man is insecure, though that's just a guess. In any case, for me the 
> whole experience of Jason's "Dis Chris Bliss" performance was ugly.
> And though Jason was technically proficient during the performance, his 
> body had no grace, his face showed no emotional connection to the music, 
> and he dominated the balls rather than becoming one with them. (Oh, and 
> BTW, in spite of his ability, he was frequently not on tempo.)
> There is a difference between a superior technician and an artist.
> Regards,
> Diane
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