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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 16:15:56 EST
Subject: [Puptcrit] Puppet Speak performance opportunity  (Connecticut)

The Arts Center at Killingworth (Connecticut) presents PUPPET SPEAK.
I highly recommend this opportunity (below) to present your talents in this 
lovely setting. The Arts Center at Killingworth is a rapidly growing enterprise 
which has already offered world class performances and events in the past few 
years to an appreciative public. I see this as an opportunity to help 
establish an annual puppet presence in south central Connecticut. 
Please consider participating in this exciting puppetry event. Thanks. Fred 

Puppet Speak Initiates Theater Series at Connecticut Arts Center
The Arts Center at Killingworth will launch its theater series by hosting 
Puppet Speak on June 16th from 7-9pm at The Chester Meeting House in Chester, 
Connecticut.   Performances will consist of short finished vignettes (15-20 
minutes), featuring a variety of puppetry styles with themes primarily for adults 
and mature children (ages 12+). Afterwards, puppeteers will be invited to 
remain and take questions from the audience and demonstrate how their puppets work 
(approximately 15 minutes). The Arts Center looks forward to this becoming a 
yearly, not to be missed, event.

Puppet Speak will be held at the Chester Meeting House, 4 Liberty Drive, 
Chester, CT. The Meeting House is a charming 150-person theater with a raised full 
stage. (for more information and photos visit   It includes a lighting system.   The Arts Center will provide a 
stereo and two amplifiers on the stage for music.   Music and sound CDs are to be 
provided by the puppeteers. An afternoon technical rehearsal will be required 
for lighting and sound cues. The Arts Center will provide a reasonable and fair 
fee for the performers.

If interested, please call Barbara Nair, The Arts Center at Killingworth, 
(860) 663-5593 on weekends or (212) 877-7079 during the week. You can also email 
at Please respond as soon as possible so this event can be 
thoroughly promoted in the Connecticut press.
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