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Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 06:10:14 -0800
Subject: [Puptcrit] msg from Lettie Schubert's son

Lettie Schubert was the Mother of the San Francisco Puppeteers Guild 
and losing her is incomprehensible.  Lettie died on Tuesday, March 
21. The following email was written by David Schubert, Lettie's son, 
a short time before she died... Oh Lettie... We will miss you so 
much!  -Mary Decker

>This message is from David Schubert, Lettie's son.  She asked me to 
>go into her Email and send along a message to friends that are in 
>her Email address book.
>Lettie Schubert is currently resting comfortably at her home in Mill 
>Valley.  Her husband Gage, daughter Becky and son David are with her.
>Lettie began experiencing abdominal discomfort in the fall of 2005, 
>and went through a comprehensive series of tests throughout the fall 
>and winter.  In late February 2006 she underwent surgery to remove 
>ovarian cysts and came home to begin her recovery.  Although she 
>made significant progress during her first week home, something 
>wasn't right and she was re-admitted to UCSF on March 14th.  During 
>tests over the next day or two it was determined that she had very 
>serious problems with her liver and it was beginning to fail.
>On Friday March 17th she returned to her home in Mill Valley to be 
>with her family and is in hospice care for her failing liver.  She 
>is happy to be home and is receiving wonderful, gentle comfort care 
>from the aides, hospice team, her physician and family.
>As of Monday evening, the 20th she is comfortable and peaceful, 
>though quite weak, and has asked not to receive any visitors outside 
>the immediate family.
>She wanted us to thank all of her friends and family who have been 
>so supportive over the years and during her recent illness. She 
>knows that all of your thoughts, prayers and good wishes are with 
>her at this time and she has expressed great happiness and 
>appreciation for the time she spent with each of you.
>Gage, Becky and I would also like to thank all of you for your 
>support during this difficult time. We know it is very difficult for 
>you too.
>David Schubert, on behalf of Lettie, Becky and Gage
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