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Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 06:32:27 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] msg from Lettie Schubert's son

I was only 11 years old when I met Lettie Schubert at
the National festival in 1993, in San Francisco. I
remember looking forward to meeting her at the
festival because of how helpful and friendly she was
on the phone. She will be missed...

Frankie Cordero

--- Mary Decker <> wrote:

> Lettie Schubert was the Mother of the San Francisco
> Puppeteers Guild 
> and losing her is incomprehensible.  Lettie died on
> Tuesday, March 
> 21. The following email was written by David
> Schubert, Lettie's son, 
> a short time before she died... Oh Lettie... We will
> miss you so 
> much!  -Mary Decker
> >This message is from David Schubert, Lettie's son. 
> She asked me to 
> >go into her Email and send along a message to
> friends that are in 
> >her Email address book.
> >
> >***************
> >
> >Lettie Schubert is currently resting comfortably at
> her home in Mill 
> >Valley.  Her husband Gage, daughter Becky and son
> David are with her.
> >
> >Lettie began experiencing abdominal discomfort in
> the fall of 2005, 
> >and went through a comprehensive series of tests
> throughout the fall 
> >and winter.  In late February 2006 she underwent
> surgery to remove 
> >ovarian cysts and came home to begin her recovery. 
> Although she 
> >made significant progress during her first week
> home, something 
> >wasn't right and she was re-admitted to UCSF on
> March 14th.  During 
> >tests over the next day or two it was determined
> that she had very 
> >serious problems with her liver and it was
> beginning to fail.
> >
> >On Friday March 17th she returned to her home in
> Mill Valley to be 
> >with her family and is in hospice care for her
> failing liver.  She 
> >is happy to be home and is receiving wonderful,
> gentle comfort care 
> >from the aides, hospice team, her physician and
> family.
> >
> >As of Monday evening, the 20th she is comfortable
> and peaceful, 
> >though quite weak, and has asked not to receive any
> visitors outside 
> >the immediate family.
> >
> >She wanted us to thank all of her friends and
> family who have been 
> >so supportive over the years and during her recent
> illness. She 
> >knows that all of your thoughts, prayers and good
> wishes are with 
> >her at this time and she has expressed great
> happiness and 
> >appreciation for the time she spent with each of
> you.
> >
> >Gage, Becky and I would also like to thank all of
> you for your 
> >support during this difficult time. We know it is
> very difficult for 
> >you too.
> >
> >David Schubert, on behalf of Lettie, Becky and Gage
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