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Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 09:53:46 -0500
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Info about enamels


Now, in answer to your question.  My guess is that Mandarin-red was a 
color not a brand, although remember the artist was working in the 30's
and 40's and even if it was a brand, it might not be available. I would
agree with Deborah's post about not using anything.  If the mask is 
stored correctly, she has the advantage of a very hot climate, but 
stored in a dry, dark enclosed (O.K. sew me, plastic bag or container)
Paper mache can last for a very long time.

What may be the problem is not that you need a finish coat so much as
you need a different glue for your mix.  I know a lot of people swear by
Wall paper paste.  But I am a big fan of Wood glues.  Much less 
flexibility in the cured glue.  Elmers or Weldwood strait work 
exceptionally well.  I have a dragon skull I made almost 10 years ago 
and it was so rigid I was able to mount multiple mechanics in it and 
that was using paper towel for my sub strait. It is 11 years old and 
still as strong as the day it cured.

Talk about light weight strength and durability. It paints exceptionally 
well and will take additional layers of stuff if you so desire.
You can drop me a private if you want more info.

Now if you really really feel like you need to seal it.  I would 
personally go with good old fashion shellac.  I use Eggshell shellac.
Type not brand.  The Shellac will absorb into your paper, but unless you
put 3-5 layers on it it won't get shiny on the surface.  Paper 
protection not gloss. (Hate that shiny feeling on my face). It will also
allow you to mount terry cloth with velcro that can be removed for 
washing, if you want to.

Hope this helps.

K. Elizabeth Evans, President & Artistic Director
Renaissance Artist Puppet Company
Company performing -AT-
The Montgomery County Cultural Center
208 DeKalb Street, Norristown, PA

Renaissance Artist Puppet Company's
mission is to promote excellence in puppetry as a
Theatrical art form and as an Educational tool by incorporating
historical and cultural diversity along with quality performance
techniques to tell our stories.
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