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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 08:40:35 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Verna Finly videos

To clarify an earlier posting about the Verna Finly tapes:
     Copies of the Verna Finly tapes are available for  $25 for the set which 
now includes the human puppet patterns (8 pages). That  includes postage 
anywhere in the U.S.A.  While I have only sent out VHS  formats in the past, I am 
able to copy them now to DVD.
     After selling a few sets, I was asked if I knew  about or had patterns 
and could I make them available.  So I  added the human patterns to all future 
orders for the tapes without increasing  the cost. Any order which requested 
the animal patterns cost extra because  it requires 27 1/2 pages that are 11" x 
     The Animal pattern set is available for $15  includes Alligator, 
Beagle/Bear, Bunny/Mouse/  Skunk/Raccoon/Squirrel, Cat, Chimp, Crow/Bird/Duck, Fox, 
Frog  (Large and Small), Lamb, Monkey, Mouse with Pointed  Nose, 
Orangutang/Gorilla, Otter, Owl, Pig, Poodle, Snake, and
     I do not run a commercial enterprise and the price  covers materials, 
expenses and a little bit more to cover my time  to duplicate the tapes and 
patterns. Because the original company who marketed  them had no interest in 
continuing to sell them and with permission from Verna,  I have agreed to make 
these items available on request to those interest in  learning Verna' techniques.
     Because I am not a business, I am not in a  position to orders on credit 
cards. I will gladly respond to your  E-mails with any further questions  I 
also try to get each order out within  a week of receiving the check.
Bill Scott

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