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Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 02:49:52 -0500
Subject: [Puptcrit] For those in the Toronto area...

The Toronto School of Puppetry 
is most pleased to host 
Dahlia Katz 
leading the third session of the 
Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Series 

This Saturday, April 1 2006, at Puppetmongers Studio: 1110 Dundas Street East 
(at Logan Ave). 

The Fresh Ideas In Puppetry Series explores new creative directions, methods and 
initiatives in the world of puppetry. 

Dahlia Katz specialises in open-stage body-puppet performance. This session will 
deal with treating puppets as actors, and specifically when puppets and actors 
meet.  Dahlia will demonstrate and explain her approach to puppetry in popular 
theatre, focusing on the relationship between the puppet and the performer's 
body.  Participants will  be involved in warm up activities, workshopping with 
some of Dahlia's puppets, and an open discussion about the state of puppetry in 
North American theatre today. 

Dahlia Katz is a young theatre artist in Toronto with a varied background in 
several theatrical disciplines, and a real passion for puppetry.  A graduate of 
York University with a BA in Humanities, Dahlia has taught puppetry in York 
University's Theatre department and acting at various public schools and private 
programs in the Toronto area.  She has performed as a puppeteer in the Toronto 
Fringe Festival, on Centre Island as well as mounting an environmental piece in 
the ROM's Bio-diversity Gallery. This summer marks her public directing debut in 
the London Fringe Festival's "The Cuckoo".  Most recently she directed a number 
of projects at York University and is currently collaborating with the newly-
reformed Draft89 on a body of multidisciplinary performances set to open early 
this summer, and on a pitch for a new children's TV show using puppets. 

Admission is $10 per session. 
Reservations are recommended as space is limited,  call 416-469-3555. 
This Saturday, April 1 2006, at Puppetmongers Studio: 1110 Dundas Street East 
(at Logan Ave). 

For additional information e-mail or 
visit the Toronto School of Puppetry at 

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