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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 15:17:07 +0200
Subject: [Puptcrit] A Visit to U.S.A.

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Dear friends

My name is Ilan Savir. I am a stage & Television puppeteer and the artistic director of the international puppet festival in the city of Holon, Israel. I shell be visiting USA as part of "U.S. Performing Arts - Arts Management program" between April 2-11. 

I will be visiting institutions in Washington DC, Hartford-Connecticut and New York.

The project programme seems to be quit condensed but I would like to try and find time to meet American colleagues and make new contacts for both the festival and myself.

So... If you are interested - please inform me .







Some words about The Israeli Puppet Center - Holon:


The Israeli Puppetry Center functions as a home for present, past and future puppeteers and is located in the city of Holon.  In recent years the municipality of Holon has decided to promote and nurture the art of puppetry alongside with other children-related activities. The Israeli Puppet Center is sponsored mainly by the Holon municipality.


Aims and Objectives of the Center:

- To nurture, protect and promote the art of puppetry.

- To stimulate the interest of the public in the art of puppetry.

- To improve the standards of Israeli puppetry in all levels.

- To initiate and hold activities integrating performances, exhibitions and education.

      - To act within the community and for the community. 


The center consists of three main branches:  School, Museum and Festival


The School for the Art of Puppetry

Founded in 1989, the school is recognized and supported by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

 The school offers three tracks of studies: 

  1.. A full 3-year course of qualifying professional puppeteers by developing skills of Puppets and Stage design, Puppet manipulation, Acting, Writing and Directing. The program presents the students with traditional as well as contemporary techniques of Puppetry. As part of their final project, the students present their original productions and exhibitions that are integrated in the Festival. 
  2.. A 2-year course for educators and therapists intending to integrate puppetry in their work.
  3.. Choice programs for amateurs. 
The International Puppet Festival

The festival has been held since 1995 and combines performances by national and international artists.

In addition, the festival organizes outdoors events open to the public; workshops for professionals and amateurs, collaborations with Unima-Israel (Unima is the international puppetry organization); a 1-day conference on Applying Puppets in Therapy; exhibitions at the Center museum and galleries, "Puppetry on the Screen" display, and products of the school students.

The festival supports 2-3 selected new productions each year.


The Museum for the Art of Puppetry

The museum was founded in 1999.  The exhibitions at the museum change every several months, and include works by national and international artists, collections and original exhibitions produced especially for the museum. The concept behind the design of the museum is to create an environment related to both traditional and contemporary puppetry.

 Two of the museum most successful exhibitions; "A world surrounding puppet" and "The language of the mask" are currently touring Israel. Along with these exhibitions the museum has published the book "A world surrounding puppet", and a booklet about the uses of mask in different cultures. 

The museum is open to the public, free of charge, during activity hours. 



Educational Projects

In 2002 the school initiated a special project designed to convey the magic of the puppet world to children.  The school produces a puppet show created by selected graduates and the gala show takes place during the Festival. Then, throughout the school year, a total of about 5000 children from the city of Holon watch the show and take part in workshops and tour the museum. This educational program is called "A Long Day for the art of Puppetry".



Contact Information:

Steinberg Culture & Arts center

21 Givat Hatahmoshet st., Kiryat Sharet, P.O. box 2168

Holon 58489, Israel

Tel: 972-3-5100012

Fax: 972-3-5507904


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