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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 14:53:47 -0800
Subject: [Puptcrit] Dallas Puppeteers Shoot Day Moved to 5/4/06

POSTED 3/29/06

Animal Makers is planning the puppeteering for several television
commercials for Public Service Announcements featuring several very
colorful and fun, cable + rod puppets starting 5/4/06.  Three day
commitment includes one rehearsal day and two shoot days.  These are
professional pay gigs for a national commercial, through a non-union
payroll company.  Troupe to consist of 4 to 6 puppeteers who
will be allowed online viewing of
the entire puppet construction process.

Several of the slots are filled, so act now.

Many Professional performers interested in building their television
portfolios have sent in their resume's.  Those are being filed for  
shoots in the areas each of you is located in.  We have been impressed
by the quality of performers in this group and coming from
the PoA website.

This gig should lead to others with the same characters, most likely
shooting in Dallas.  The campaign will probably last 5 years or more.

This shoot is in Dallas and performers will be paid as locals.

please forward your performance biographies, photos, and/or
video clips to:

Human Resources
Fax: 805-527-6210

Responses will be kept on file for this project and others.
Animal Makers handles puppeteering and suit
performer gigs all over the world.  We are looking for the best of
the best.

NEXT SHOOT is coming up in late May here in Simi Valley.

No Phone Calls please.

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