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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 15:08:20 -0800
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Dallas Puppeteers Shoot Day Moved to 5/4/06

Jim, I've done a lot of shoots in Dallas, my 
go-to man is John Hardman
He knows all the local puppeteers.

At 3/29/2006 02:53 PM, you wrote:
>POSTED 3/29/06
>Animal Makers is planning the puppeteering for several television
>commercials for Public Service Announcements featuring several very
>colorful and fun, cable + rod puppets starting 5/4/06.  Three day
>commitment includes one rehearsal day and two shoot days.  These are
>professional pay gigs for a national commercial, through a non-union
>payroll company.  Troupe to consist of 4 to 6 puppeteers who
>will be allowed online viewing of
>the entire puppet construction process.
>Several of the slots are filled, so act now.
>Many Professional performers interested in building their television
>portfolios have sent in their resume's.  Those are being filed for
>shoots in the areas each of you is located in.  We have been impressed
>by the quality of performers in this group and coming from
>the PoA website.
>This gig should lead to others with the same characters, most likely
>shooting in Dallas.  The campaign will probably last 5 years or more.
>This shoot is in Dallas and performers will be paid as locals.
>please forward your performance biographies, photos, and/or
>video clips to:
>Human Resources
>Fax: 805-527-6210
>Responses will be kept on file for this project and others.
>Animal Makers handles puppeteering and suit
>performer gigs all over the world.  We are looking for the best of
>the best.
>NEXT SHOOT is coming up in late May here in Simi Valley.
>No Phone Calls please.
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>Entertainment Industries since 197
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>Located 25 minutes drive from Hollywood, California
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>- Highly trained and experienced artisans and technicians
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