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Robert, I would definitely like to take a class....but before I could even 
tell you what I may be interested in would need to know what they are 
experts in...what kinds of things they could offer????

I think I do remember your pictures and if memory serves (and it probably 
doesn't) seem to remember their carving technique with Styrofoam and a knife 
or do I have that wrong?????

I think this is GREAT!!!!!
What a wonderful thing for Mum to do....

Please give me some guidance on what could be offered and I will give back 
whatever information I can.


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> Friends,
> It looks likely that Mum Puppettheatre will host the Wroclaw Puppet 
> Theater
> in October/November. Wroclawski Teatr Lalek is one of Poland's oldest and
> largest puppet theaters, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year--some 
> of
> you may remember the photographs I posted after I visited them last April.
> We're hoping to have a group of 14 company members at Mum, including 
> actors,
> technicians, puppet designers and builders and the Artistic Director of 
> the
> company.
> If there is interest we want to set up some kind of masterclass or other
> opportunity for learning from them. Rather than set up something that some
> may or may not want, I'd like to find out what people might want and what
> they will actually attend!
> What kind of ideas are floating around out there? What would you like to 
> do?
> With enough lead time (and confirmed interest) we might be able to find
> funding to make this free to participants. Please take time to think and
> respond to this. It's a great opportunity for exchange and education.
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