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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 20:35:01 +0530
Subject: [Puptcrit] Did the PofA really commission Ramdas Padhyeto	build

Hi Guys,

I read all your mails regarding the Marilyn Monoroe today.I have very busy 
in number of projects.Myself, my wife Aparna and all my puppets anchored a 
very prestigious award ceremony function organised by Times of India.So I 
was busy with it, so could not read the mails.I have 1900 mails pending from 
all the lists.So just imagine.

I had sent the reply to the list regarding Marilyn Monroe.Steve Axtell had 
already mailed me regarding this and I wrote to him the following email.You 
will find all the answers :

  Dear Steve,

  Let me explain.I completed 39 years in this art of ventriloquism and 
puppetry.So they interviewed me.I was telling them about my visits to U.S. 
and also about Puppeteers of America, an organisation dedicated to puppetry 
which we don't have it in India.I have made a Marilyn puppet for a 
ventriloquist(not a well-known one) who will be performing an act with 
Marilyn at a small casino.I can't tell you his name as he has told me not to 
tell.So I was telling the press people regarding my various puppet making 
assignments like the Siemens show, Marilyn puppet etc.

  But you know how press people are, they have misquoted me.Also I will not 
be going to Vegas.In India I am more popular as a performer.So when I told 
them that I have made a puppet they assume that I will also be 
performing.They don't recognise that puppet making and performing are two 
different jobs.


  Again I am really sorry for the mistake of the press.I apologise for the 

  If you want to write to me pls mail me on or

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Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Did the PofA really commission Ramdas Padhyeto build 
Marilyn Monroe?

> Hi Dave and Fred and all
> Not an official PofA spokes person here but I think I can  safely say I am
> absolutely 100% sure that PofA  did not commission a Marilyn Monroe puppet
> Steve
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> Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Did the PofA really commission Ramdas Padhye to
> build Marilyn Monroe?
> Hi Dave:
> The info sounds bogus to me.
> However, while membership in PofA entitles you to certain benefits, if I
> were
> to have a say, I'd SELL chances for a reasonable cost for the opportunity.
> The $$$ could go to scholarships, etc....
> I could be wrong, but I don't think the membership would 'cotton' to such 
> an
> extravagance given the limited exposure and benefit to the PofA. I'd want 
> my
> dues used for better.... Or am I being too short sighted? Wouldn't be the
> first
> time....LOL
> Best,
> Fred Thompson
>> Did the PofA really commission Indian puppeteer Ramdas Padhye to build a 
>> 3
>> foot tall Marilyn Monroe for a Las Vegas review? It sounds fishy to me...
>> Do I, as a dues paying member, get to manipulate her on a time share?
>> 8>)
>> Dave Goboff
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