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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:03:54 EST
Subject: Re: [Puptcrit] Jimi Hendrix Marionette

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> Very small marionettes seem to work well if moved only very slightly.   For 
non-marionettists, many seem to think a small marionette with a small guitar 
that "shakes" is an wonderful replica of the human it portrays.   Excellent 
action is achieved not so much by the skill of the marionettist, but by the 
construction of the figure itself.   Roser, Urbano, Baird, Zendejas, Huber and many 
other contemporary marionettists, in my humble opinion, are much better 
Performer/Puppet makers than I see as street theater performers.   Best examples are 
found when their work matches the venue.   When I have some time, 

I'll expand with more the moment I'm up to my ears preparing our 8 
puppeteers with marionettes and equipment to get through the Easter 
season...thanks,   I worked with and excellent shadow puppeteer in Belarus and Moscow 
last summer. (He had studied with a Chinese Master.) My files are in disarray 
at the moment as I'm moving them to a new office and I cannot find the name.    
I've recommended him for a PofA Festival.   Jim Gamble

> I would be very curious to see examples of marionette work that you
> consider top shelf. My background is in shadow puppetry, and as a fan
> of that particular genre, I can point to guys like Mantep Soedarsono
> and Mas Purbo (who is visiting the USA in June) as really the "guys to
> beat" (quoting an earlier thread). I hope to put up some video on
> youtube to illustrate my opinion. Are there any websites, commercial
> films, Netflix dvds that showcase great marionette work? Do tell.

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