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Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 18:20:30 +0900
Subject: [Puptcrit] bunraku/matrix send-up

Late answering this, I was on the road.
The ping pong clip is from an annual tv show in Japan that features 
amateurs doing illusion oriented skits. They're business men, students, 
and families, etc. On 8/16/'03, after the subject first came up here,  
I posted a more detailed explanation with a bunch of my own dumb 
comments and  links to more great clips from that show. I'll spare you 
the dumb comments this time, but geewiz, look at this:
  Some are difficult to see, or involve obscure cultural references. But 
let me
recommend a couple that you'll get a kick out of. Go to:
There you'll see a list of clips.

#3 (2003-3--31) is the ping pong game.
#4 (2003-1-1) shows a lovely bit of naked hand sculpture puppetry.
#5 (2002-9-20) shows a schoolgirl walking, then bouncing and shooting a
basketball. Wriggling along the floor next to her is a kuroko (black 
suited people like the ones you see doing Bunraku or moving props 
around in Kabuki) playing the part of her shadow. It manipulates an 
objetc that becomes the shadow of the ball. Uncanny. Downright spooky. 

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